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Top tips on getting into the animation industry

Animation is probably the best industry to be in, attractive also! Many people are wanting to get into it because it’s exciting, full of adventures and let’s not forget, super cool! How do you do it? Read below for the route into the industry! • Play around with animation. • Whilst studying in school or … Read more

How to Write a Script for an Animated Cartoon

  1, Before any script can be formed, the writer must have an idea of a story. If you dont have an idea yet and need some ways to find some, try looking at comic books, novels, your favorite cartoon shows, fairy tales, movies, anime, and so forth. Maybe you want write about superheroes, or … Read more

How to Create a Good Animated Film

Want to create a great quality animated film? Although it may sound hard, the animation industry is constantly evolving and creating easier and better ways to animate. Here are some straight forward and effective steps to follow below…   1, Figure it out what type it will be. Will it be packed with action and … Read more

Tips for Creating an Amateur Animated Film

Come up with great sound effects. Amateur films can be as big as big budget films, however when making animated films, animated films can be much more difficult to pull off successfully. Animated films are much more difficult to produce without a big budget. However a very dedicated animator could put together their own film … Read more