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10 ways Directors must think like a line producer

10 ways Directors must think like a line producer A no-to-low budget director is a person of many hats and throughout the production, at different times and at the same time be a writer, executive producer, director, line producer and even the editor. This is just a mirror image of how a no-to-low budget forces … Read more

The Film Crew

The size of the film crew is dependent on what is the nature of your film and the budget. Low budget film making can consist of a crew of nine or fewer key positions. The Crew – Director Responsible for the creative decisions and acting in the film. Assistant Director – Manages the shooting schedule … Read more

Consent for filming

When someone has agreed to be filmed or interviewed, it is always important that the person/s know what you are filming, and how the filming footage is going to be used. In some cases you can get consent verbally, but in most cases it is advised to ask your contributors to sign a consent form. … Read more