Festival and distribution tips for your film

Posted on November 6, 2013

Your film is finished, and your looking to distribute your film effectively. Just when you think the hard work is over, you come to the hurdle of getting your film out there, and being distributed.

Now your film is finished you typically have two popular options for distributing. You can go straight to the distributors, or attend the film festivals. Alternately you could attend a film festival, then go to a distributor, or have a distributor approach you at a film festival. Depending on your method or budget, you’ll need to do some research and figure out whats the best approach for getting your film out there.

Attending film festivals is the best way to attract hype to your film, submitting your film to film festivals is very affordable. Attending film festivals can get you instant press, and provide a great opportunity for networking, and introducing yourself after your film in finished.

If you are looking to push your film to DVD, then the best option is to go straight to the distributor. Going straight to the distributor can get you quick press, thus they are likely to release your trailer with other releases. It is advised to do your research first, for example if your film is and drama film, look into distributors that specialize in dramas, or films within the same genre. This information can be found easily via IMDb Pro, you can sign up for an account online, additionally when you registers for an account, you can create your own profile page for your film, as well as search contacts, and staff working for various companies.

Contacting buyers tip.

Be prepared to send out emails to your contacts. An email is effective for adding a link to the trailer of your film, and allow the buyer to click and watch. When emailing, try not to be to concerned if you don’t get any replies. Buyers receive numerous emails a day with trailer links as well, but the best thing you can do is remain positive and patient, and with effort you’ll get noticed.