Tips for Creating an Amateur Animated Film

Posted on November 6, 2013

Come up with great sound effects.

Amateur films can be as big as big budget films, however when making animated films, animated films can be much more difficult to pull off successfully. Animated films are much more difficult to produce without a big budget. However a very dedicated animator could put together their own film with time and effort. Still, a person is going to have to utilize all of their abilities to make an amateur animated film look and sound great. Perfecting your sound and music when making animated movies will help the overall production. Sound editing when creating animated movies is extremely important.


Be dedicated to your animation project.

Animators who are extremely dedicated end up creating the best works, an animator can’t  create a great animated film if they aren’t cautious and involved with their work. Focus is important when creating an animator film, it doesn’t matter how long it takes to complete. In fact, the longer an animated film takes to be completed, the better is can be in most cases.

Use storyboards and scripts for your animation production.

Like any other production, the animated feature needs to be planned out in good time, using a script and storyboard will help the production process get off to a good start. The script needs to be detailed whilst the storyboards needs only rough sketches of scenes. Doing this will help keep the entire film on track during production and editing so that the job gets done successfully.

Animated Films are Tough.

It’s difficult for anyone without a team of animators to help them in there project, its true big budgets and the correct equipment do help to create great animation films. However you can still create a great animation film, If you put a lot of time and effort into creating your animation film. You might not have lots of options, but as far as animation methods go, you can, and will make it work.