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If you are looking for a professional TV caterer, then you have come to the right place. Look no further than D’Lights Event Catering. We specialise in catering for film and TV as well.

Over the years, we have garnered the reputation of providing top-notch services and delicious foods to across Europe and UK. D’Lights has only one goal. To provide excellent and value catering to the film and TV industry. We have had the pleasure of serving some of the big names of the industry as well. We aim to provide our customers with nutritious and great-tasting foods that is not only a treat to your taste buds but also sates your appetite to the fullest. After all the cast and crew do spend a long hard day shooting and filming for our entertainment.

Also, we are well aware of the significance of having a flexible approach. We are right where you need us. And as professional TV and film caterers, we strive hard to give you the best possible experience of catering you have ever had. We have an excellent team of chefs and they have the skill and experience of preparing healthy and mouth-watering food.

At D’Lights Events, your wish is our command. We are perfectly able to cater to any of you or your cast or crew member’s allergen, dietary, or nutritional requirements. Our team values everyone’ wishes and realizes the fact that different people have different needs and tastes. So, be it menus, meals, dietary requirements, vegan, or vegetarian, we have you covered. Nothing is too much trouble for us as our experienced crew and specialist chefs are here to give you the best food experience. We shall cater for all of your cast and crew’s individual taste, needs, and dietary requirements.

Each of our team members have made it to D’Lights after a detailed process and you can be rest assured that all of them are skilled and highly trained professionals through and through. All of our waiting staff are adept at what they do and have excellent knowledge of food and wines they serve. So, whether you hire us as TV caterers, film caterers or for an event, we are willing to do everything that it takes to make it a success and ensure that people remember our food’s taste for a long time to come.

Dean Light, our managing director and Master Craftsman of Great Britain, creates our amazing menus. He has a vast experience of 25 years in the culinary industry. He is keen in trying out unique combinations and flavours that are an utter delight to the customers.

Compromising on quality or taste is out of our rulebook. We prepare our food using fresh and high-quality ingredients and while maintaining excellent cleanliness standards. Apart from that, we have a deep regard for our customer’s time. Knowing how hard and hectic filming could be, we make a point to be on time always. Our team ensures that all meals, snacks, and beverages are served at the right time.

At D’Lights, you will experience a taste you will never forget!

Chef and caterer Dean Light wows food critics!


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