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Filmmaking Tips for Students

1. Start Young Steven Spielberg made his first film at the age of 12. Get the jump on your rivals by having a showreel of 4-5 films by the time youʼre 18. Start now! 2. Just DO it Thereʼs no better way to learn filmmaking than getting out there and DOING it. And you donʼt … Read more

Tips on starting a career in film and TV

What are the biggest dos and don’ts when emailing CVs and cover letters? Keep CVs short and specific to the job you’re applying for. If you haven’t gripped them in the first half page they may not read the rest. Follow up, build a network and always be professional no matter how frustrated you may … Read more

Beginners Tips for Video Post Production

After spending a lot of time improving your photography and filming skills. To film something well is almost the same as taking a good photograph. The same values apply. First of all learn how your camera works. Think about how to take a good photograph or video clip, If you can’t do that then no … Read more

Top tips on getting into the animation industry

Animation is probably the best industry to be in, attractive also! Many people are wanting to get into it because it’s exciting, full of adventures and let’s not forget, super cool! How do you do it? Read below for the route into the industry! • Play around with animation. • Whilst studying in school or … Read more