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A Step-by-Step Guide to Pre-Production for Film and Video

Concept This is where you develop your story, its structure, and plot points. Ideas often are drawn from personal experiences or ripped from the headlines. Maybe it’s a story you were told as a child, or a product of your own wild imagination. At its most basic level, a concept should be able to be … Read more

Location Scouting

Tips on finding the perfect location for your film. From your production you should breakdown what types of locations are needed. It is a good idea to keep as many of your locations in the same area to save time on your “Movement Order”. 1. Before you start you must know your script. Where does … Read more

Pre production tips

Pre-production tips There are there three processes to film making. When the film has been written, when the film has been shot, and when the film has been edited. These three-stage process may seem tedious, but the process of pre-production is a highly creative, fun, and exciting part of the film making process. Pre-Production is … Read more