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Tips on Crowdfunding and Promoting Your Film via Social Media

Your Project is Made Real Launching a campaign brings it into the world. It doesn’t just exist in your head anymore, and you become accountable to supporters, backers, and the reality you’ve created to step into. You Build and Deepen your Community A Kickstarter campaign broadens and deeps the dialogue with any pre-existing audience; it … Read more

Tips on How to Distribute a Movie as an Independent Filmmaker

1. Distribute via the Internet Most independent filmmakers choose to start the journey to distribution there film by posting their films online. Filmmakers are interested in the fact that posting a movie online is a simple process and can give you a potentially international audience. Your film could also be picked up for distribution at … Read more

How do I get my film into distribution?

The ICO is frequently approached by filmmakers who wish to see their films distributed and screened in cinemas. There is no single route to the cinema screen and with over 300 theatrical distributors of all shapes and sizes, from Warner Brothers to self distribution models, in the UK alone, it can be daunting for filmmakers … Read more

Festival and distribution tips for your film

Your film is finished, and your looking to distribute your film effectively. Just when you think the hard work is over, you come to the hurdle of getting your film out there, and being distributed. Now your film is finished you typically have two popular options for distributing. You can go straight to the distributors, … Read more