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28 Tips on Crowdfunding and Promoting Your Film via Social Media

1. Your Project is Made Real Launching a campaign brings it into the world. It doesn’t just exist in your head anymore, and you become accountable to supporters, backers, and the reality you’ve created to step into. 2. You Take Control of your Narrative. Cook used Obvious Child as an example. The team behind this … Read more

Ten quick tips for a great animation

• Gather as much information as you can When you’re trying to imagine what the future will look like find all the information you can from sources such as books, magazines, films and documentaries. • Make your content different There’s no shortage of material about the future. It’s better to make your content different from … Read more

Beginners Tips for Video Post Production

After spending a lot of time improving your photography and filming skills. To film something well is almost the same as taking a good photograph. The same values apply. First of all learn how your camera works. Think about how to take a good photograph or video clip, If you can’t do that then no … Read more

Top tips on getting into the animation industry

Animation is probably the best industry to be in, attractive also! Many people are wanting to get into it because it’s exciting, full of adventures and let’s not forget, super cool! How do you do it? Read below for the route into the industry! • Play around with animation. • Whilst studying in school or … Read more

Tips on How to Distribute a Movie as an Independent Filmmaker

1. Distribute via the Internet Most independent filmmakers choose to start the journey to distribution there film by posting their films online. Filmmakers are interested in the fact that posting a movie online is a simple process and can give you a potentially international audience. Your film could also be picked up for distribution at … Read more

Best animation tips & tricks

Animate acting shots one phrase at a time It’s best to have clear full-body posing in your phrases at the expense of smooth transitions, especially early on. Animation follows beats and phrases, each with its own purpose. For a scene in which a store clerk is helping a customer, one phrase might be him waving … Read more

How do I get my film into distribution?

The ICO is frequently approached by filmmakers who wish to see their films distributed and screened in cinemas. There is no single route to the cinema screen and with over 300 theatrical distributors of all shapes and sizes, from Warner Brothers to self distribution models, in the UK alone, it can be daunting for filmmakers … Read more

Tips and tools for film distribution

You have an Independent film that you have completed? Maybe not just yet, you may have to overcome another hurdle… Just when you think all that hard work is over, you then realize you will need to get your film distributed and out in the world… Luckily for you, we are here to help you! … Read more

The 13 Steps of Post Production

The three stages to film-making are Pre-production, Production and Post-production. Pre-production is where you try and convince everyone that your film is about to start shooting. Many filmmakers are in a continuous pre-production stage. It’s the nervous stage where you wait for financial commitments to materialize, and for cast and crew to agree that they … Read more

10 ways Directors must think like a line producer

10 ways Directors must think like a line producer A no-to-low budget director is a person of many hats and throughout the production, at different times and at the same time be a writer, executive producer, director, line producer and even the editor. This is just a mirror image of how a no-to-low budget forces … Read more

11 Tips for Location Scouting

All filmmakers will have experienced that horrific shoot where the SD card fills up or the battery dies at the wrong moment during filming, and you hope it never happens again. But there’s one important factor which you may not have thought of, and it’s as vital as spare SD cards and batteries. We’re on … Read more

How to Write a Script for an Animated Cartoon

1, Before any script can be formed, the writer must have an idea of a story. If you dont have an idea yet and need some ways to find some, try looking at comic books, novels, your favorite cartoon shows, fairy tales, movies, anime, and so forth. Maybe you want write about superheroes, or cowboys, … Read more